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Hand Sculpted Patterns and Character Prototypes
Primary uses:
fabrication of complex surfaces without CAD data
master pattern for “reverse engineering”, scanning, touch probe, etc.
“tracer” or “pantograph” system masters

For very complex work with highly detailed and complex surfaces it may be practical to begin with a hand sculpted
master. Several of our clients have found that surfaces which have been built in CAD software are “stiff” and have no
life, no flow of line, and look “too mechanical”.

This was true of a shoe-wear manufacturer that we deal with. They found that their CAD designed products lacked a
certain design flow and feel that was regained when our hand sculpted masters were reverse engineered to create their
production tooling.

Cartoon characters for toys, or other applications may be hand sculpted with great success.

Complex forms such as architectural carvings for moldings and trim work also benefit from a "hands-on" approach.
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