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"Engineering" and "Fully Functional" Models
Primary uses:
Full unit testing and evaluation
Looks like, works like unit

This is the most expensive type of model that we produce. It is in every way possible, like the final production unit or part.
It involves the fabrication of each part, inside and out (utilizing production OEM components when available for internal
systems). Thin wall “clam shell” housings are produced or fabricated, with all bosses, ribs, hinges, doors, fasteners, PC
board mounts, display mounts, snap fits, and any other detail that will be on the final production parts.  

Many fabrication methods may be utilized during the production of this type of model, among them:

Milling of parts from solid block materials (by either traditional or CNC controlled machines)
Vacuuforming of plastic sheet goods
Heat bending or cold bending
Fabrication from sheet goods
Cutting, bending, forming,  welding
SLA or other RP parts

Engineering and Functional models will usually not have paint finishes or other surface coatings to impede fit and
functionality of the parts, but often external housings or covers can be painted.

Visual -Functional models, on the other hand, will have painted exterior surfaces, with the functionality being secondary
to appearance.
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