Copeland Enterprises
Company Profile
Copeland Enterprises started life in 1986 primarily as a support service to the product
development industry, and local industrial design firms in particular.

Initially our main service was to provide multiple cast parts from "soft" (RTV) tooling,
utilizing masters supplied by our clients.
As the years passed, we added more equipment to assist in the model making process:
Hand-working tools, saws of every description, manual and CNC milling machines and
lathes, vacuuform capabilities, paint booth, storage and color matching, all in addition to
our original casting technologies.

Today, we can work with everything from "napkin sketches" to fully integrated CAD data,
producing virtually any type of model as required.

One of our main strengths is in problem solving, finding creative solutions to modern
design and production issues.  These capabilities have become increasingly difficult to
find in modern model shops, as so much of the industry has moved away from traditional
methods and toward commodity "Rapid Prototyping" processes, losing  the ability to
creatively provide insight into thoughtful products.
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