Copeland Enterprises
Finishing services for SLA, SLS, FDM and other rapid prototype parts
Primary uses:
bringing SLA parts to useful completion

We provide support utilizing all available “RP” processes of rapid prototyping: SLA, SLS, FDM, wax, paper and other
forms of RP.

WE DO NOT PRODUCE RP PARTS in house. We find that these services are now “commodity items” and we source
and purchase our RP parts from the best services, with whom we have dealt with for many years.
Therefore, we are not locked into one process, or one machine or material type. We will specify the best fit for YOUR
job, not ours.
Also, if you already have SLA parts, or prefer to supply parts, we can often utilize them.  (Assuming that the parts
have not been previously “tumbled”, sandblasted, or otherwise cleaned-up.  Quite often we find that such parts are
missing subtle important details, or have been misshapen by improper finishing). We generally order our parts raw
and prefer to do all finishing in house.

Our services include sanding and cleanup of all types of RP parts. Assembly, fit and function of all unit components is
also available. Those materials which can accept additional paint finishes will be primed, filled, and further cleaned up
to accept our standard paint color finishes (this service is not available for SLS or wax parts).

On parts which can accept paint, all standard finishes and graphics are available. See “
Painting and Color Matching
Services” for a full list.
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