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Vacuuforming is a process for creating thin-wall parts from thermoformable sheet materials.  Plastic sheet is
heated until soft and pliable, and pulled over a form (tool).  Vacuum draws the part tightly around the tool,
and the plastic is allowed to cool.  The part is then removed and trimmed to its final shape.

  • For short runs of opaque objects in styrene, the tool can be fabricated of less expensive hard
    urethane.  Longer runs require epoxy or aluminum tools.
  • Clear parts (packaging, blister packs, lenses) always require a highly polished aluminum tool.

We can produce vacuuformed parts up to 16" X 24" X 6" on our in-house equipment.  Larger parts, up to
full sheet size can be run using one of our outside services, from our tooling.

Opaque parts can be finished with any of our standard paint systems.
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