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"Visual" Models
Primary uses:
Sales meetings
Sales demo models
Catalog photos

This type of model is most often used for catalog photos or sales meetings where the consumer should see the exact
appearance of the final product, but true functionality is not necessary.
These models are solid and have no working internal components. In some cases however, it may be desirable to
include hinge pivots for doors, monitor screens, or other specified motions to demonstrate various positions in use.

These models display the proper color callouts and finishes on all surfaces. Some production materials may be
simulated by using paint colors (metallic silver for metal surfaces, etc.). The final model should LOOK  representational
of the finished product (metal, clear lens or glass, or injection molded plastic surfaces).
Surface reflectivity may be: gloss, high gloss (polished), matte, frosted, light texture, or other finishes as they would
appear on the production part.
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